• Hair Transplant

    Mostly suffer from hair loss, and baldness. To prevent hair loss, fist remedial cure, and considering causes is investigated.

  • Lipomatic

    Lipomatic is a safe and comfortable surgery to remove excess fat of the body. lipomatic is one of the best ways to lose weight.

  • Vaginal Rejuvenation

    Vaginal rejuvenation is done with various procedures. Those who are not satisfied about their skin, seek these procedures.

  • Hair Removal Laser

    Hair removal laser, is an effective procedure for removing unwanted hair even face hairs.

    About Us

    Nayzi clinic is a hair and skin specialty center and has official certification from ministry of health, with number of 1393/ 1294. This specialized center, with using the newest technology, offers effective services in the field of skin, hair and laser. Our clinic is proud to offer these services in collaboration with dermatologist, surgeons and nutritionists.

    Nayzi clinic services

    • Eyebrow, mustache and hair transplant
    • FIT, FUT, BHT and combination
    • Cosmetic surgeries of nose, breast, abdomen and eyelid
    • Non- surgical procedure of weight loss (lipomatic, cryotherapy and so on)
    • Gel and fat transfer, Botox
    • Thread lift
    • Hair removal laser

    Skin and hair rejuvenation